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The Fix

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You don't need to be fixed - you need to be accepted. By yourself and by others, for who you are, right now.

We often find ourselves on a quest for self-improvement, striving for perfection and fixating on our flaws. But consider this: instead of trying so hard to fix ourselves, what if we put that energy into accepting who we are, as we are?

This isn't about avoiding growth, but rather, replacing self-criticism with self-acceptance and compassion. Acknowledging that we are all works-in-progress can lead to a healthier perspective on growth and change.

Acceptance doesn't mean settling for less. It fuels transformation, fosters resilience, and builds self-worth. It also allows us to accept others with more compassion and understanding.

Step off the fix-it treadmill. Embrace your entirety. Foster acceptance and compassion for yourself and for others. Remember, you are and always have been enough - no fixing required.

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