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I have this weird mix of skills that has served clients well over the past twenty years.

  • I'm an actor who auditions a lot and books gigs here and there. I wouldn't trade my acting experience for anything. It influences every service I provide.

  • I'm an asker who has raised millions for organizations across the country.

  • I'm a data nerd who teaches nonprofit development teams how to work smarter with their fundraising data.

  • I'm a freelancer who has been running a successful business for over twenty years.

Like your favorite mashup, I combine all this experience, to serve clients in three primary areas - nonprofit fundraising, nonprofit data, and freelancing.

To learn more about working with me remotely, onsite, and through my online workshops, follow the link below.

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Margaret Hubbard

Associate VP, Major Gift Development, Barry University

Ed was able to achieve in just one day with our team, what some past trainers have tried to accomplish over the course of several training sessions.

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