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asking connection nonprofit fundraising Apr 27, 2021

Recently I wrote about one of the most valuable skills you can have - showing gratitude. There's an equally potent superpower you should have at the ready in your fundraising superhero kit.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It is at the heart of all connection. Connection is a basic human need. When we connect with one another using empathy we are honoring humanity, what it means to be human. When we take the time to show empathy we are saying the humanity in me feels the humanity in you.

When fully grasped and authentically demonstrated empathy can take your fundraising efforts to a new level. As empathizing comes naturally to most people, it is a skill we are all capable of mastering. Simply saying to someone, "I see you. I hear you. I feel you." in a way that you find comfortable is often enough to show you understand and lead to deeper connection.

If you want to set yourself apart from other fundraisers, boost your empathy for the people your organization serves and your team as well as the donors and prospects you work with. You and your entire community will become stronger, more generous, and better connected.

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