Personal Wellbeing Continuum

connection goals motivation Mar 23, 2021

It can help to visualize your wellbeing on a continuum, a horizontal line with your body to the left, mind in the center, and spirit on the right. Balance and a strong sense of grounding is achieved by working your numbers - time spent, articles read, days practiced for example - bringing each more in balance with the others.

If you are body over-balanced, you may be focusing too much on the physical end of the continuum. An imbalance at any point creates dis-ease. It's a balancing act for sure, but an act worth performing.

It is easy to slip into an imbalance. The level of balance you maintain in your wellbeing continuum has both personal and professional implications.

In our personal lives an imbalance can impact our relationships, overall life satisfaction, and sense of self-worth.

While In our professional lives an imbalance can effect our work productivity, our sense of accomplishment, and overall job satisfaction.

The body, mind, and spirit are of course inextricably linked. There are some, what I call triple threats, that can train all three in one exercise. Just like compound exercises in weight training that work multiple muscle groups at the same time, there are activities that simultaneously workout body, mind, and spirit. Tai Chi, yoga, walking, hiking, naps, juggling, and hand balancing are all great triple threats that build your body, expand your mind, and strengthen your spirit at the same time.

Whether you have five minutes or fifty minutes to bring your personal wellbeing continuum into balance is not the point. The point is about creating the habit and then reaping the benefits of a perfectly balanced physical, mental, and spiritual life.



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