The Best Fundraisers

nonprofit fundraising Sep 21, 2021

What attributes do the best fundraisers have in common? When you think about a good nonprofit asker, what qualities come to mind?

The best fundraisers I've worked with are excellent communicators who fold these five qualities into their work.

  1. Relatability
    Being relatable is about allowing the humanity in you to connect to the humanity in others. An asker must enjoy making people feel at ease which tends to bring out the best in others. 
  2. Authenticity
    Connecting authentically often begins with relatability. Authenticity is the unique way in which we communicate our experiences, our truth.
  3. Sensitivity
    Approaching our work with sensitivity leads to a better understanding of motivations and intent.
  4. Empathy
    We all have the basics in common. We all want to be heard. We all want to be seen. If we can keep these things top of mind as we work, perhaps our connection to one another will deepen.

  5. Vulnerability
    The first four traits can grow out of a willingness to share a sense of vulnerability. Allowing vulnerability is about letting others see that you have some of the same struggles as they do. That the core of you identifies with the core of them.

Askers with these qualities have a natural persuasiveness yet ease to their asks. These traits combine to make an asker more mindful, attentive, and focused on their prospect, which leads to meaningful connections.

How many of these qualities do you have? Which do you need to work on?


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