The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #8

acting for askers Nov 30, 2018

Hi there. Ed Hohlbein here. Taking some time today to bring you the 8th similarity between ACTORS and ASKERS.

I’ve certainly referenced this one in other similarities between ACTORS and ASKERS posts, but I feel so strongly about it that I felt it deserved its very own post.

Staying in the moment means being fully present, having your focus, your attention, your thoughts, and feelings all fixed on the task at hand. If, as just one example, you are speaking to somebody, then your attention and energy is focused on that person and what that person is saying.

ACTORS are directed day in and day out to "stay in the moment”.  This means to stay connected to the action in the scene, your acting partner, or The Other. Similarly, ASKERS benefit greatly when they are paying attention to what is happening right now. When ACTORS and ASKERS sharply focus on the scene/visit they are in – moment to moment – nerves, worry, anxiety, and fear will melt away.

Here are three ways that ASKERS can become more like ACTORS and stay in the moment with their prospects and donors:

1 – Ground Yourself: Building a grounded foundation or feeling solid is important to feeling strong, centered, and confident.

2 – Center Yourself: This means focusing on the immediate experience in front of you. A quick and easy way to do this is to follow your breath.

3 – Connect Yourself: This is all about engaging with what you are doing moment to moment. If you are talking with someone, give that person your full attention.

My advice today for ASKERS to work more like ACTORS? Live in the now. Ask in the now.

Stay tuned for the 9th similarity between ACTORS & ASKERS coming to a device near you soon.

Thank you so much for watching and have a GREAT day.


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