The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #7

acting for askers Nov 21, 2018

Hi there. Ed Hohlbein here. Back with the 7th similarity between ACTORS and ASKERS. And I think this just may be my favorite folks.

Adaptability is the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

An ACTOR must stay adaptable to the conditions THE OTHER creates within the given circumstance of a scene.  An asker must do the same with the conditions a donor or prospect creates within the given circumstances of a visit or ask. ACTORS and ASKERS must remain flexible in any situation or environment they find themselves in.

What we’re talking about here is developing and strengthening the skills necessary to adapt on the fly to changes that come at you. And you know what “on the fly” equals right? Improvisation. And improvisation is a mission critical skill for an ACTOR and I would argue for an ASKER too. See how it all starts to come together folks?

Here are three ways that ASKERS can grow more like ACTORS and become adaptable to any scenario in any environment:

1 – Embrace Change – New things aren’t inherently bad things. Changes often make our lives better. To many folks “change” equals “bad”. Banish “bad” and embrace change.

2 – Recognize The Other’s Value – Maintaining an open mind and finding value in The Other helps you see things others may miss.

3 – Plan, Plan, & Plan Some More – Successful asks don’t happen overnight. If Plan A doesn’t work, switch to Plan B. If Plan C doesn’t work, start working plans D through Z. pre-planning helps you flex with change.

Guess what? The more you adapt the easier adapting gets. It’s all about being able to efficiently evaluate a situation, determine how you can achieve your goal, and then act accordingly. ASKERS routinely find themselves in situations where something unexpected could happen. It’s as important for them to be as skilled at adapting as it is for ACTORS.

My advice today for ASKERS to work more like ACTORS? Adapt. Flex. Grow.

Stay tuned for the 8th similarity between ACTORS & ASKERS coming to you soon.

Thank you so much for watching and have a GREAT day.


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