The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #6

acting for askers Oct 12, 2018

Hi there. Ed Hohlbein here.

Today we’ll explore the 6th similarity between ACTORS and ASKERS. This is a good one folks.

ACTORS strive to be authentic - not just ONSTAGE or on camera but OFFSTAGE as well. Living authentically OFFSTAGE feeds the work ONSTAGE. This should be the case in both the ASKER’S onstage (working with prospects life) and offstage (their everyday life).

ASKERS who strive for the same level of authenticity that ACTORS strive for will see and feel a significant improvement in their asks.

Here are four ways that ASKERS can become more like ACTORS and infuse authenticity into their work and their asks:

1 – Employee a Prospect-Centric Approach: Authentic Askers always place themselves in service of their prospect by asking, “What does my prospect need from me?”

2 – Choose Openness: Authentic Askers approach prospects openly, sharing ideas and information through personal experience and stories.

3 – Generate Warmth: Authentic Askers understand a prospect’s needs and shows that understanding through words and actions. Think of warmth as empathy in action.

4 – Create Immediacy: Authentic Askers can connect and stay in the present moment with their prospects.

My advice to you today. Live authentically. Ask authentically.

Stay tuned for the 7th similarity between ACTORS & ASKERS coming at you soon.

Thank you so much for watching and have a GREAT day.


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