The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #3

acting for askers Aug 31, 2018

So far in our similarities between actors & askers series we’ve explored how important strong connections with The Other is to both actors and askers.

After you make a strong connection with The Other what’s next?

Guess what? A beautiful thing happens. You begin to develop empathy for The Other and empathize with them.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is mission critical that askers are able to empathize the way actors do.

As actors develop deep empathy for all things, askers must strive for this deep empathy as well. Askers develop a strong sense of empathy toward the donors and prospects they work with.

Allowing empathy helps in bringing authenticity and a deep connection to your interactions. Yes, it is okay to feel.

There is one thing we could all certainly benefit from everyone having more of - empathy.

In a recent speech, John Leguizamo said that, "Theatre teaches us to understand other people. How to feel empathy for those who are not like us."

Not all donors and prospects you will work with as an asker will be like you. It is; however, important to understand and share the feelings of your prospects and donors.

So now we are connected to and empathizing with The Other. What could possibly be next? We’ll find that out as we continue to explore the similarities between the actor and the asker.


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