The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #1

acting for askers May 23, 2018

Hi there and thanks for stopping by today. I hope that you're well.

So those of you who have followed any of my posts know of course that I am absolutely obsessed with the similarities between the actor and the asker. Now I've shared a definition of each of those with you, but wanted to take just a second to review those definitions.

An actor is anyone who strives to bring authenticity, truth, empathy, and understanding to each and every exchange either onstage or off. And an asker is anyone in a position to make an ask. Any ask really. A charitable donation. A raise. Or even something as simple as asking for help.

So now that we have those definition down I want to start to explore with you the similarities between the actor and the asker. Similarity number one. Connection.

Both an actor and an asker must be extraordinarily adept at making connections with others quickly, effortlessly, and authentically.

An actor connects with an audience, other actors, and of course characters. While an asker connects with donors, prospects, and an organization's mission. The same exact muscles that an actor strengthens and uses to make deep connections with others an asker must strengthen and use as well.

Both the actor and the asker must stay continually connected to The Other. And that's The Other with a capital "T" and a capital "O". However, more on The Other in a future post.

Thanks for watching today. I truly appreciate you time. And take care.


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