The Actor & The Asker: Similarity #2

acting for askers Jun 08, 2018

Hey there. Last time in our acting/asking similarities series I shared with you how important making strong connections is to the actor as well as the asker.

Another example of how askers are like actors is the central role that The Other – capital “T”, capital “O” – plays in an actor’s and asker’s work. As an actor or asker, all your energy…your entire focus must be on The Other.

In the case of the actor The Other is the other actor or actors in a scene. Whereas for the asker The Other is the donor or prospect.

As an actor, you are trying to get The Other to do something that will further your objective (the character's objective).

It is the same with the asker. As an asker, you are working to get the donor to take action that will further your organization's mission.

The Other in any situation – acting or asking – should always be at the center of your interactions.

So once you create connection with The Other, what do you do? That’s on tap next as we continue to explore the similarities between the actor and the asker.


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