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Prospect Visit Intentions

nonprofit fundraising

What are your intentions during a prospect visit? Is your intention to get something out of the visit or bring something to it? There's a big difference between these two intentions. A difference prospects can feel.

As a nonprofit asker your intentions should always include creating meaningful connections with prospects, making them feel as comfortable as possible, making sure they know they are being heard, that you grasp what they are sharing. These are good intentions that lead to win-win objectives and positive actions.

Center on your breath and set your intentions prior to every visit with a prospect. Say to yourself, "I'm going to connect with this prospect on a deeper level. I'm going to talk about meaningful things and share a part of my real self."

When you get clear on your intentions, you learn the power of meaning over outcome. And guess what? The outcomes become more meaningful.

Here's a challenge for you as you prepare for your next prospect visit. Focus on making one meaningful connection with your prospect.

If we are not ultra-intentional going into a prospect visit, it's hard to know when we we've reached a point in which the process is mutually beneficial to the prospect as well as the organization.

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