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Hidden Traps

one-person business

One-person business owners are susceptible to certain types of hidden...or not so hidden...traps.

To avoid getting caught in these traps it helps to know what they are. Here are some I've found...and sometimes still find...myself caught in.

  • Getting stuck in setting the stage mode. This is something I still have to work on. We want our work to be the best it can be, but we need to balance ready with launching. Best to set a launch date and stick to a well-planned schedule so you don't get caught in a perpetual cycle of setting the stage.
  • Analysis paralysis. This has to do with traditional research as well as asking for opinions or thoughts from others. If you ask five people for their thoughts, you'll get five different answers and potentially be more confused than you were before you asked. Likewise, if you visit five different blog posts, you'll likely get five different perspectives.
  • The nothing matters. This mindset creeped in a lot during the pandemic for me. Nothing matters days are hard. I'm not sure there's a secret I can share with you that will help with these days. Suggesting you go back to your goals and work the plan feels trite because in the moment I know what you're feeling...NOTHING MATTERS. What helps me in these moments is a quick win. Juggling. Handstands. Reading five pages of a book. Going for a fifteen minute walk. Small wins like these shake my head out of stinkin' thinkin'.
  • Hedging your bets to much. Hedging bets is often a good strategy for a one-person business owner. In doing so you keep your options open. However, there comes a point in which you can over hedge your bets. Your options become too wide open which can lead to a lack of focus. The objective is to hedge just enough while maintaining a tight focus.

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