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Fun Actually

just a thought Jul 22, 2021

A defining moment early in my life which ended up being a telltale sign of my true self was an exchange I had with my mom when I was around ten years old.

She asked me to do my chores. My reply to her was, "Naw. That doesn't sound like too much fun." To which she replied, "Eddie, everything in life isn't going to be fun." To which I replied, "Oh I think it will be."

My replies weren't necessarily about me not wanting to do the chores. They were about figuring out a way to make the chores enjoyable, fun.

This drive for fun has played (pun intended) through my whole adult life. It shows up in:

  • infusing nonprofit fundraising with creativity,
  • making nonprofit data approachable,
  • bringing humor to meetings,
  • establishing a conversational tone in Zoom sessions,
  • creating strong connections with others,
  • placing understanding and empathy at the top of my priority list.

Fun is a choice. Fun is a state of mind. Fun is a way to learn and grow. More of it is always welcome.

I think I proved my mom wrong, but please don't tell her!

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