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Don't Listen to Rick Springfield

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Despite what Rick Springfield may have advised in the 1980s, please DO TALK TO STRANGERS in your work as a nonprofit asker.

When we make the choice to talk to strangers it more often than not ends up an enriching experience. By engaging with people outside of our immediate circle, we can meet new people and form new relationships, potentially leading to new opportunities to advance our organization's mission.

Talking to strangers can:

  • Help improve our communication skills. When we talk to people from different backgrounds and perspectives, we are forced to think more critically about our own communication style and adjust it accordingly. As a result, we learn to effectively engage with people from a variety of backgrounds, which is a valuable skill that can improve our fundraising work.
  • Be a valuable tool for personal growth and development. When we push ourselves to talk to people outside of our comfort zone, we challenge ourselves and grow in ways that we might not otherwise. This can be an empowering experience, as we learn more about ourselves and our own abilities.
  • Have a positive impact on our mood and overall well-being. Social interaction is a fundamental aspect of human happiness, and engaging in conversation with strangers can provide a much-needed boost to our mood and overall well-being.

Now, I hear you Rick Springfield, but considering the benefits I'm going to respectfully ignore your advice and talk to as many strangers as I can. The nonprofit asker who makes the choice to chat it up with an unfamiliar face is the nonprofit askers who never meets a stranger. Certainly beneficial for those who depend on the kindness and generosity of others to support their organization's mission.

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