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Data and Major Donor Prospects

nonprofit fundraising Jan 31, 2023

Sharing data with a major gift prospect can be an important part of building a case for your organization and highlighting the impact of your work. However, it's important to strike a balance between providing enough information to make a compelling case and overwhelming the prospect with too much data.

When sharing data with a major gift prospect, it's important to:

  1. Be selective by sharing the most relevant and impactful data. Highlight the key takeaways that demonstrate the effectiveness of your organization's work and the potential impact of a major gift.
  2. Keep it simple. Use clear straightforward language and avoid jargon or technical terms.
  3. Visualize data with charts, graphs, and other visual aids to help your prospect understand the information and make it more engaging.
  4. Tell a story that incorporates data to demonstrate your organization's impact. Show how your prospect's support will make a difference in people's lives. Think blending numbers and narrative here.
  5. Be prepared to answer any questions your prospect may have about the data. Be honest if you don't know the answer or if you need to follow up with more information.

It's also important to remember that data is only one piece of the puzzle. A prospect may be motivated by other factors such as personal values, passion for the cause, and social impact. Be sure to also connect with your prospect on an emotional level by sharing personal insights about how your organization's mission may have impacted you or someone you know well.

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