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Complete Consideration

nonprofit fundraising

As a fundraiser, what are you communicating when you say something? What are you trying to accomplish? What are you trying to get someone else to do? What do you really mean? What is your subtext? Have you thought about what you want to say? Or have you spoken off the cuff? Do the words you choose to share power others on or off? Do they turn you on or off? What impact do your words have on others? On your prospects?

When you answer these questions and others like them, you start to communicate with complete consideration for your prospects, for yourself, and even for those who may be standing nearby.

Just as a person moving through any given environment or setting, an airplane taking off, or the electrical current powering a lamp, words create energy. The energy contained in a single word has great power. Within your words is the power to stir emotions, to move people in one direction or another, to improve the world.

When you communicate with complete consideration you are conscious of the power your words can have with, for, and over others. When you thread a series of single words together to form a complete thought that communicates an idea or feeling, the power of those single words arranged in that specific order exponentially increases.

The very act of you acting with complete consideration in communication has an energy to it. Our job as fundraisers, communicators, is to serve as a conduit for the energy contained in words, harnessing its power to do good, to help others, to build others up, and to advance the mission of our organizations.

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