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An Asker's TEAM

nonprofit fundraising Oct 18, 2022

Being a team player is a true hallmark of success as a nonprofit asker.

Askers need the power of team playing to support the asks they make.


Your fundraising prospects need to feel they can trust you. Are you viewed as trustworthy? Do you do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it?


Understanding the perspective of those you work with, especially your prospects and donors, is essential. Are you able to consider perspectives that may be different from your own?


The way in which you choose to present yourself is a clear clue to who you are and how you feel about others. Are you presenting yourself authentically?


Mindfulness is not all about meditation. It's also how you think about and treat others. Being a mindful asker involves consideration, kindness, and thoughtfulness toward others.

Being a strong, connected fundraiser is all about your TEAM.

Pick the characteristic that you most identify with here, today, now and start being a TEAM player.

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