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5 Fresh Takes for Nonprofit Fundraisers

nonprofit fundraising Nov 15, 2022

Here are five fresh takes for nonprofit fundraisers looking to up their asking game.

  1. Equanimity is the ability to maintain mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in difficult situations. Askers who are able cultivate equanimity are better able to connect with fundraising prospects in ways that are authentic and meaningful.
  2. Get good at hard conversations. Not so you can have more of them, but so you can identify them when they're coming and prepare for them with grace, kindness, and understanding. 
  3. When faced with a difficult conversation, an anxiety-inducing presentation, a stressful situation, or an awkward ask, find something to look forward to even if that something is the satisfaction of having the challenging moment behind you.
  4. Focus on the 20% of the things that move the fundraising needle, that excite you, that pique your interest, that motivate you, that inspire you. This will help you not only accomplish that 20%, it will also help you tee up the remaining 80% with certainty and confidence.
  5. Heighten awareness and deepen attention to stay connected to what's here, today, now. Live in this space. This speaks to your powers of observation and deciding to stay present in the moment.

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