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Updates to Events in Raiser's Edge NXT

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Last week Blackbaud rolled out some welcome updates to Events in Raiser's Edge NXT.

From Event in web view, it's now possible to gather multiple names for tickets. This is especially handy for group registrations, think galas or golf tournaments. To set up ticket configurations, simply add the necessary fees to your event, stipulate the number of registrations each ticket includes, and then incorporate these fees into your registration forms.

Additionally, you now have the option to include other types of fees for extras like T-shirts or parking passes. These add-on fees will be listed separately from the registration fees on forms, eliminating the need for registrants to duplicate their contact information for each selection.

In another update, when setting up registration forms, it is now possible to link participation levels with registration fees. This means levels will automatically be applied to registrants upon their registration. Participation levels are your organization's event fields that specify the nature of participants' involvement in the event, such as being attendees, sponsors, staff, or vendors.

Several organizations I've worked with are over the moon with these updates. I hope they help your event planning run smoother than ever.

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