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white jigsaw puzzle with one pink piece

Jigsaw Data

nonprofit data

Your nonprofit organization's data is like a jigsaw puzzle. As you connect the pieces, a picture comes into view.

Connect these six pieces of your data jigsaw puzzle to start creating a fuller picture of your donors and prospects.

  1. Lifetime Giving Total
  2. First Gift Amount and Date
  3. Latest Gift Amount and Date
  4. Largest Gift Amount and Date
  5. Last Action
  6. Next Action

These six pieces of your data puzzle can be easily put together using a Constituent List in Raiser's Edge NXT. In fact, this part of the puzzle is already pieced together for you. Simply create a new Constituent List, add one filter to your list (it can be whatever you'd like), and that's it. You'll see something similar to the image below. Don't forget to save your list and come back to it often to see how the picture being created for you comes more into focus.

A Constituent List is perfect for fundraisers who aren't in the system much, prospect researchers who need a quick list for a strategy meeting, or directors who want a simple list to work from in or out of the office.

You may at time find it puzzling, but nonprofit data can be fun...and easy.

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