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Data Intuition

nonprofit data Jun 22, 2022

Approaching your donor management system and the data that live in it intuitively is possible.

Intuition comes from recognizing patterns and themes, seeing and feeling them as they role out, unfold.

As you begin to see patterns, feelings stir in you, that move you in a particular direction. Toward the unfolding pattern or away from it.

As you recognize and allow these feelings, you are honoring your intuitive approach to your donor data.

The reason we collect and manage donor data is so we can make reasonable predictions based on what we see in the data. Economists, meteorologists, and scientists all do this when they make predictions and recommendations.

A prediction is something that may happen at some point. Our intuition, informed by identifiable patterns, plays into our predictions.

So, go ahead. Fold a little woo woo into your work. It's all good.

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