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Consume Your Own Data

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You've heard me say it before. If you want to become better at managing your organization's fundraising data, track and consume your own.

When you track something in your personal life you're passionate about, it gives you a new perspective on working with data at work.

Here are some creative personal data points to track. Choose one to many (pun absolutely intended) and track away.

  • Dream journaling and analysis.
  • Gratitude journaling and tracking.
  • Number of compliments received and given. What were the details?
  • Number of times you make a decision in a day. What was the decision?
  • Number of times you procrastinate and the time spent procrastinating. Why?
  • Number of times you laugh or smile during the day. What made you laugh or smile?
  • Number of times you say "thank you" or "please" during the day. What were they for?
  • Number of times you step out of your comfort zone. Were you forced or was it voluntary?
  • Number of times you have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone. What led to the exchange?

These are just a handful of examples, but you can track any personal data point you find creative and are passionate about.

Use a simple Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet to track your stats. After you have some data, you might even play with some graphs and charts in your chosen tracking tool.

Pro Tip: Use the free version of Airtable to create a simple database. I use it for everything from client work to journalling to workouts. I love it!

Tracking, analyzing, and consuming your personal data can lead to new insights and increased motivation for managing your organizations fundraising data. And hey, in my humble opinion, it's super fun!

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