Acting for Askerssm

An actor is someone who strives to bring truth, authenticity, understanding, and empathy to each and every exchange either onstage or off. An asker is anyone in a position to ask for something, anything really.

Truth, authenticity, understanding, and empathy are at the core of an actor’s work and should be at the core of an asker’s work as well. Authentic acting makes for better asking. Better asking means more money. More money equals more mission. And it’s all about your mission.

In these enlightening & entertaining sessions, Ed shares top tools of the actor that fundraisers - askers - can use in their work. Topics  include:

  • Fundraising Truthfully & Authentically
  • Clarifying Goals, Objectives, & Tactics
  • Developing Pre-Ask Prep
  • Using Imagination, Observation, & The Magic If

Yes, I want to be a better
nonprofit fundraiser.

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The Nuts & Bolts of Freelancing

You know when you want to start something new, but you hold back because you don't know everything you think you should know before you start? I did that, but I persisted. This is what NABOF is all about. Arming and empowering you to go out on your own and freelance like a champ. Learn from my experience and my mistakes.

In these empowering & entertaining sessions, Ed shares the things he did right and the mistakes he made while building his freelancing business. Topics  include:

  • Business Structure
  • Productivity Tools
  • Insurance Types
  • Small Business Accounting Must Do's

Yes, I want to be my own boss.

Drop your information in below and I'll let you know when The Nuts & Bolts of Freelancing registration opens.

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