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Ed with Students

Acting for Askerssm
In-Person Group Sessions

If life is just a stage, then every one of us is an actor. Get ready to hone your craft and perfect the art of the ask with Ed’s program, Acting for AskersSM. We all find ourselves in asker mode virtually every day of our lives – whether it’s appealing to a donor or simply asking a coworker for help. It doesn’t matter if you’re focus is on large markets or small, connecting with donors to maximize the full potential of every meeting, presentation, event, or negotiation is always mission critical.

Ed teaches participants to listen and communicate more effectively. Become more relaxed, present, and persuasive through the application of techniques used in classical theatre training. Sessions explore the similarities between the actor and asker, learning how to apply basic acting principles in daily work to inspire greater authenticity, interest, focus, imagination, and empathy while developing a more consistently successful ask.


Acting for Askerssm 
One-on-One Coaching

Private Acting for Askers coaching sessions available for beginner to experienced fundraisers.

Learn the Acting for Askers approach in these highly personalized sessions. Fundraisers receive direction and advice as they prepare for an ask, rehearse their pitch, and practice their craft.

Ed with Students
Ed with Students

Improv for Fundraisers

For fundraisers, it’s all about getting to the ask. Strengthen your team’s asking skills and learn new ones with Ed’s Improvisation for Fundraisers sessions. Using the 6 basic tenets of improvisation, including making the other look good and saying “Yes And,” your team will learn to construct and communicate stronger clearer asks. These sessions, appropriate for fundraisers of all levels, are perfect for lunch-and-learns and all-staff meetings as well as day-long professional development sessions.


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