Pearl and Ed

The Highlights

  • BFA in Acting from Central Michigan University
  • MFA in Acting from University of Georgia
  • Generate, Inc. Founder & Owner
  • Ask Coach to Nonprofit Organizations
  • Data Trainer to Nonprofit Organizations
  • Actor repped by The McCray Agency, Nashville, TN

The idea of having something with which to build, the right tools for the job and the confidence that comes with being prepared and creating something from beginning to end often with little to nothing has always been a source of motivation in my life both personally and professionally.

Throughout my career - from actor to costume designer, public speaking instructor to acting teacher, nonprofit fundraising data trainer to ask coach, consultant to business owner - I've always been a builder. The tools may change from time to time, but the goal is always the same: to build something out of exactly what I have right where I am.

For over twenty years now, I’ve used my unique tools and experiences to help build better nonprofit fundraisers, smarter nonprofit data professionals, clearer communicators, and stronger connectors.

Today, my family and I are happy to call Nashville, Tennessee home. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn and get to know my Chief Canine Officer, Pearl on Instagram. 

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