Pearl and Ed

An Actor, Asker, & Data Nerd, Ed is a Twenty-Year Freelancing Veteran

Ed Hohlbein does acting, asking, and data’ing. He brings both a BFA and an MFA in acting, a background in teaching, and two decades of experience with nonprofits to his work. Whether he is teaching a team how to authentically incorporate acting approaches into their fundraising practices; coaching an executive or development director one-on-one; creating a prospect tracking system for major gift officers; assisting with data analysis and system administration; or coaching a fellow freelancer on creating a successful business, Ed emphasizes creativity, ingenuity, and simplicity in all of his projects.

For over twenty years Ed has delivered the kind of high-touch coaching, strategy development, and training that he knows are the most effective in maximizing the capacity of nonprofit development teams to accomplish their fundraising goals. His focus on acting, asking, and data’ing puts the nonprofit professional front and center, helping to develop the skills required to build more robust, targeted connections to their donors and leading to a more fully funded organizational mission. He has enjoyed working with teams across the country helping them to get good done.

Freelancers make the world work. Forging unique paths through life, they offer a unique perspective of the world, seeing opportunity where others often do not. Ed leverages his experience as a freelancer to assist others who want to be their own boss.

He grew up in a small Michigan village – yes, it was so small that it didn’t even get the classification of a “town.” He later spent several years in the Atlanta area and today his family is happy to call Nashville home.

Learn more about Ed here on LinkedIn. You can also get to know his Chief Canine Officer, Pearl on here on Instagram.


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