What's In A Word

communication connection Mar 30, 2021

Words are simply lines, circles, curves, and squiggles arranged in a way that help us share our thoughts, develop ideas, and communicate meaning.

A spark of creativity that ignites deep inside our minds becomes a small flicker of an idea. The idea pushes and sometimes shoves itself closer to the surface and begins to take shape into a more fully formed thought. The thought begins to sprout words around itself. As the words emerge into this world they create connection between us and our surroundings.

Words thought, words written, words spoken are our primary form of communication. They are our main means of connecting with one another. And did you know that social connection is as basic a need to humans as shelter and food?

What's in a word - a shared word - is a world more closely connected. Those simple lines, circles, curves, and squiggles have the power to create a community more in tune with the needs of its neighbors.



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