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Process and Action

one-person business Oct 06, 2022

Recently I read an article that laid out a "content operations workflow." Now, I dig a good process conversation as much as the next one-person business owner, but this flow did everything but. It was billed as a five-step process. However, there were ten to fifteen smaller steps in each major step. It was entirely too complicated, unrealistic.

There comes a point of diminishing returns when a process is over...well...processed.

A discussion about process or workflow must culminate in actionable, realistic steps. If the process talk is just that - talk and no action, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a waste of time (that's too easy, process is important) but there comes a point where you have to ask at what point do I act. When do I get to the end product the workflow is supposed to lead me to.

Any process or workflow put into play should be actionable at every step. You should feel with each step that you're closer to the end product. A workflow should save you time, not add extra hours onto your day due to overcomplicated steps.

As a one-person business owner it's important to find a balance between process, action, and getting paid.

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