Nonprofit Data and Acting - An Introduction to Ed Hohlbein


Have you ever wondered what data and acting have in common? For most of you…probably not right? Well I’m here to tell you…it’s me. I’m what data and acting have in common.

Howdy. I’m Ed Hohlbein and I’m obsessed with data and acting.

So here’s what I do. I train nonprofit development and advancement teams across the country how to work with their data and the systems that manage their data in order to raise money in support of their missions more efficiently and effectively as well as coach them on how to incorporate acting approaches, methods, and techniques in their fundraising practices.

That’s a mouthful I know. And of course you can check all of this out on

Probably more important than what I do is why I do it.

Why data? Your organization’s story lives and breathes in your data. So many fundraisers – I call them askers – have no idea what to do with their data and are losing valuable insight into where their organization’s narrative intersects with their prospect’s narrative. I work in nonprofit data because askers deserve expert help in how to collect, manage, and use their data. It should be strategic yet simple. I make it that way.

Why acting for askers? Actor training helps to develop better communicators, generate stronger interest in others, and instill a deeper sense of empathy for and connection with all things. Communication, interest, empathy, and connection are at the core of an actor’s work and should be at the core of an asker’s work as well. Authentic acint makes for better asking. Better asking means more money. More money equals more mission. And it’s all about your mission.

Ultimately I do what I do because there are good people in the world. Lots of them. I work with them every day in organizations and in museums, and in schools. I do what I do because I want to help good people get good done. PERIOD.

So if you have any questions about what it is I do or why I do it or how we can get good done together, please check out my website, sign up for my email list, and follow me wherever it is you chose to follow people online.

Thanks for stopping by and if you didn’t click away 11 seconds into this video, thank you for watching.


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