Love Your Path

just a thought Oct 21, 2021

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up each morning and do the thing it is you do? When you continue to travel the path you're on? Are your first thoughts each morning generally negative or positive?

You're path isn't set in stone. You can change it. Most of us just don't because it's too hard or the incentive to change is not as clear in our minds as perhaps we'd like it to be.

You will stay on your current path as long as the risk of leaving it feels greater than veering off of it. Once the benefits outweigh the risks you will start down a new path.

But until then, you might was well choose to enjoy the process and fully embrace the adventures it provides.

Love the path you're on. It's the only one you have...for now. When you're ready a new one will present itself as if it had been patiently waiting for you to stumble upon it.


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