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acting Nov 18, 2019

For many years I’ve taught non-actors acting techniques to improve their work and advance their careers. I guess you could say I talk the talk. Lately I’ve been walking the walk too. For the past several months I’ve been taking an acting class at the Nashville Acting Studio. I haven’t been an acting student in quite some time. From the first moment of the first day of class I was reminded of the benefits actor training can bring to all areas of our lives both professional and personal. Here are just a few.

  • Memorization:  Whether you are giving a speech to an audience or simply having a one-on-one conversation with clients, memorization comes in handy for many daily tasks and scenarios. Not to mention, it helps keep our brains strong and limber.
  • Rehearsing:  Working consistently on a project with a team or rehearsing diligently on a production with a cast and then allowing the project or production to sit for a bit to breath and grow is a productive, balanced, and satisfying way to work and accomplish goals.
  • Criticism:  Learning to take constructive criticism from others and turning it into something that helps you improve and grow may be frustrating at times but is always an investment worth making.
  • Imagination:  As children we use our imaginations to spend time living in the worlds we create in our minds. As we grow older the value placed on spending time working on or in our imagination is often diminished. Taking time to live in our imagination each day helps improve the overall quality of our day and our work.
  • Focus:  Acting is a dynamic process. There’s a lot going on when performing a character for an audience. An  actor has to split focus between lines, blocking, goals, tactics, obstacles, and of course the other actor. That’s a lot to juggle at one time and simultaneously keep moving forward. Your ability to focus on the task at hand while keeping an eye on the end goal can often mean the difference between success and super-success.

Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional in any industry an acting class may just be what you need to help strengthen your memory, approach your work with balance, process criticism positively, strengthen your imagination, and sharpen your focus. Start thinking and working like an actor today.


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